Melyssa Pinto
guest dresses

Melyssa Pinto was born in Portugal in 1992 but spent her childhood on Costa Brava. A macro influencer with a community of over 1 million followers, who has been sharing its fashion, beauty and lifestyle recommendations through Instagram since 2013. She studied fashion design and currently manages her own brand Melissa Pinto Collection.

Melyssa became known in the program Women and Men and vice versa as a suitor of Alberto Santana, although later she made her debut as a “tronista”, where she met Tom Brusse.

And it was then that she jumped to fame, being one of the protagonists of Temptation Island Season 2.

Stellaris Black Dress
Karma Red Dress
Kalaia Lead Dress
Kalaia White Dress

Melyssa Pinto
guest dresses

Melyssa Pinto loves the style of the Hinsomnia brand and has bet on several dresses to wear it in her star appearances. At one of the programs of Temptation Island 2, she chose the Kalaia white dress, which represents freedom, and the desire to fly and live.

Moreover, in the final debate of Temptation Island 2, where she had to face everything that she had experienced with Tom Brusse, she wore the Karma dress designed by Estela Grande. The Stellaris dress and the Kalaia lead also made her fall in love and she has been able to wear it at events she has attended.