Estela Grande

Dress Designs from Estela Grande

Estela Grande, model, and influencer was born in Madrid in 1995. She studied psychology, although since the age of 16 she has dedicated herself to the world of modeling and began as a designer in 2019. She became famous for his relationship with Diego Matamoros, and it was a year ago when she decided to become part of Big Brother VIP, spending three months in the tv show.

Estela has kept herself out of disputes. She has been always focused on her career, her designs, and the collaborations with brands she manages through her Instagram. She is very linked to fashion and beauty (she has a community of more than 300K)

And now she is currently succeeding as a designer in her capsule collection for Hinsomnia.

Karma Dress by Estela Grande
Karma Red Dress
Kalaia dress white
Kalaia White Dress
Kalaia lead dress
Kalaia Lead Dress
Stellaris Dress
Estela Grande black feather detail dress
Kalaia Black Dress
Stellaris Tribute Pink Dress
Stellaris Tribute Black Dress
Koi Burgundy Dress
Karma Black Dress
Koi Lead Dress
Ileana Dress by Estela Grande
Ileana Dress
Vestido IKI by Estela
Iki Dress
Yugen Dress
Estela Grande Collection

Estela Grande

Estela Grande has designed two capsule collections for Hinsomnia that are already a success. Before entering the reality show Big Brother VIP, she designed four prom dresses that became a must: Stellaris, Ileana, Iki and Yugen.

Due to the repercussion that her first capsule collection had, she created, together with Hinsomnia, Kintsugi. A limited-edition collection of four dresses that evoke freedom, passion and happiness. Estela Grande has wanted to express her experiences, her feelings and what she has lived in her intense last year. Kalaia, Karma, Koi and Stellaris tribute represent an empowered woman who can achieve anything she sets her mind to.